Non-Image Services

Career Development

Dining Etiquette
Assertiveness and Self-Confidence
Communication Skills
Interpersonal Skills
Negotiation Skills
Personal Branding
Time Management
Success Compass
Interview Skills

Sales and Marketing

Body Language Basics
Call Center Training
Employee Motivation
Overcoming Sales Objections
Presentation Skills
Transaction Analysis
Facilitation Skills
Team Building
Leadership & Influence


Anger Management
Emotional Intelligence
Goal Setting and Getting
Things Done
Increasing Your Happiness
Interview Skills
Public Speaking
Stress Management
Work-Life Balance

Work Essentials

Business Etiquette
Conflict Resolution
Customer Service
Delivering Constructive Feedback
Team Building For Managers
Teamwork And Team Building

Customized packages

Workshops for organizations
Workshops for startup’s and small scale industries
Workshops for educational institutions

Attitude for success program

Comprehensive package of customized soft skills topics as per individuals needs.